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Samira Mazloom

Born into a family of Jewellers and Silversmiths, falling in love with Jewellery was instinctive.
As a child I collected stones and Gems and picked up any thing shiny and glittery. This is where I got the nick name, The Raven, from my mother.
My love for art started from early childhood. Both my mother and father were keen artists. My grand father was a master Silversmith. He was also an amazing Painter and Calligrapher. As a child I used to spend hours looking at his hands drawing and trying to imitate his every move. Even though he has now passed away, I have kept his drawings to this day and time and treasure them.
My love for fashion is unconditional. I have always been fearless and unique and experimental with my style. I would like to think of myself as a trend setter and a style leader. Fashion is my passion and that’s all there is to it. It’s through fashion that we get to express ourselves. Our choice of clothing, handbag, and Jewellery says a lot about who we really are and as my mother always says a person’s shoes shows the path to his life.
The Jewellery I design very much expresses my inner feelings. It represents me as an artist, designer, and also as a person. Five years of living in London and studying Jewellery Design at Middlesex University, one of the world’s leading universities for Art and Design, has changed me as a person and my vision towards life. It has made me know myself like never before. These five years have been an invaluable experience and has taught me to be “me”. I have discovered a darker side of me that previously didn’t know existed and I have learned to embrace that side. Every person is like a moon and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody. That’s where the energy is, the passion. We are afraid of our dark side because it opens the doors to places that we are busy denying. I am learning to use this energy to my advantage. I also spent one year working as an intern with different designers which improved my skills as a Jeweller and helped with my studio practice. Like many artists, I am very much inspired by Nature. I am also interested in the Punk and Gothic subcultures. Silver is my material of choice, but I have also worked with Gold, Bronze and Pewter. Every piece is hand made by myself. A lots of time, effort and love has been put into every single piece to make sure, each piece is unique and different.

Some of Works

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